Gabe West, The Fitness Pyramid, Business Owner

The title, “Coach,” does not do Stella justice. As prestigious as that title is, I truly believe it sells her short, for she has done far more for me as a person than any other coach I’ve had in my life previously.

When I began coaching with Stella, I realized that not only was my business going to grow, but that I was going to grow as a human being, right alongside it. Her ability to get down to the root cause of my struggles in business, or as a person, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was stripped of my excuses, held accountable to taking intentional action, and growth was the result.

Stella’s incredible work ethic and positive attitude is truly contagious. I admire her ability to give me the feedback I need to hear, the fact that she praises a job well done, and that she genuinely cares about people. Part of being successful is surrounding yourself with people who will help you grow, and Stella is one of those people. Believe me when I say that she will connect you with many more.

Bottom line. The longer you procrastinate coaching with Stella, the longer it will take you to grow your business.