Casey Gurney, Gurney Family Inc., Homemaker

So, I don’t think i ever told you this and I was thinking about it today as I was doing laundry…a couple years ago, in a BNI meeting, you gave the most inspiring speech. your level of energy and enthusiasm for what you do (and what you wanted to do) gave me an “ah-ha!” moment in that meeting. I remember sitting around the table while you were talking and absolutely wracking my brain to figure out what I could do that would make me that happy. and after working full time, putting myself through school for two degrees, the ONLY thing I could think of in that moment, at that meeting…was opening the blinds at home and cleaning the windows. Crazy right? My gut was telling me that my dream, my happiness…was to be at home. As much as I loved my boss at the time, the environment was toxic and I quit and went on to work for a property management company. It was a good experience, significantly less toxic…but still. not fulfilling. I finally made the decision along with my husband to quite my job and be a stay at home mom (because of our blended family we have 5 kids)…its been almost a year that I’ve been home, and there are still moments, like today folding laundry, that I get so overwhelmed with joy I almost get emotional. when I’m not cooking/cleaning/chauffeuring I’m working on my second book (being a writer is also a big dream of mine)….maybe its because i grew up with a single mom who worked too much and was raised by nannies that I find such fulfillment in being a mom, but I do. I love it…and it all started at a BNI meeting, because of you. So, thanks!