Brandon Larson, United Healthcare Group, Market Manager


Stella Fox is the president of my BNI networking group, is helping me to engage and educate my sales force and is quickly becoming one of my very favorite people in my professional and personal life. She recently assisted me to facilitate my 1st annual Business Development Day for my insurance agents and simply knocked it out of the park. The event garnered participation from more than 60 area agents and most stayed from beginning to end taking in all of the breakout sessions. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and specifically positive about Stella’s kickoff breakout session which was the first of the day. She brought great energy, enthusiasm, a call to action and set the tone for the entire day. Her presentation was well delivered, clear, concise and packed with engaging facts. She really got the attendees fired up and thinking about their businesses right off the bat which is what you need first thing in the morning and it was by design that she was first.

Each time a breakout session ended she had a line of agents at her table patiently waiting and wanting to talk with her 1:1 which is a testament to her effectiveness and innate ability to connect with others. All in all the event went off exceedingly well and Stella was a major contributor to that success.

If you are looking to assess your business, your practices and where you are expending your efforts to understand where you stand currently so you can get where you want to go Stella can help get you there. She uses enthusiasm and confidence to authentically connect with her clients to build deep and meaningful relationships. Her desire to serve others and to create a positive impact is apparent and WILL POSITIVELY IMPACT YOUR BUSINESS! I am a fan and a client for life!