High Caliber Solutions was started in August 2017 with the belief that great coaching shouldn’t just be available to the affluent.  Monetary wealth, while massively valuable and a key factor in deciding whether or not coaching is effective, isn’t the only metric at play in regards to developing a better business/life.  Sometimes you’re looking for answers and don’t know where to turn to or who you can trust to give them to you without an agenda.

Classically trained and certified business coach Stella Fox, founder, is a lifetime student of this business thing.  She didn’t come from money so if she was going to have it, she was going to have to build it herself.   She desires to serve others to create positive impact that spreads with both breadth and depth, spanning countries and generations.

She’s a dog mom, an Air Force girlfriend, and a die hard brisket fan.  She loves to travel and play poker.  She’s currently taking interviews for her new podcast “The F Word”.





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