High Caliber Solutions was started in August 2017 with the belief that learning should be self directed.  When you’re looking for answers you need someone who’s looking out for you.  Someone who’s going to help you win.

Classically trained and certified business coach Stella Baker, founder, is a lifetime student of this business – business.  She’s been where you are.  She’s learned a ton of information from all different sources to finally understand some truths:

  • It’s hard to move up when your boss isn’t on your side – but not impossible.
  • It’s tough to recognize the difference between when you’re being a team player and when you’re being taken advantage of – but you can.
  • You don’t need resources, you need to be resourceful.
  • For those who choose to learn, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

She’s a dog mom, an Air Force wife, and a die hard brisket fan.  She loves to travel and play poker.  She runs a Facebook Group called The Campfire Community.  The group’s description is: “There’s something magic about a campfire. This group as a safe space to talk about things that are happening at work that you perhaps don’t necessarily want to share with your co-workers/boss/employees/friends. This group will have tons of value as it will also get information directly from coaching sessions I have with clients who are working with some of the same things you might be dealing with.”

She is also the host of The F Word Podcast, focusing on fear, failing forward, and figuring it all out in life and business.  Follow Stella as she works on her startup in a cold market. She has 9,000 questions and is sharing that information with you.





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