6 Mistakes You May Be Making During Virtual Networking Events

  • Going over the set time limit
    • They give you 10 seconds but you end up talking for 4  minutes.  This ripples around the “room” and extends the meeting.   Service based business owners often have meetings scheduled directly after an event and will either leave your networking event early or be late to their next meeting.  Neither of these outcomes is beneficial to you.
  • Forgetting to introduce yourself
    • Wasting time asking people how they are or how they’re holding up right now, and waiting for them to respond to you is a waste of time during your preciously small time limit as mentioned above.  This is inappropriate for this type of meeting set up.  That type of communication is best served for one on ones.
  • Explaining the services you offer but not how you help others
    • The #1 goal of this time together is to have people want to schedule a follow up meeting, separately with you later.  Nothing about this type of communication is of value to the other people in the room. “We help you get more time back.” or “I help business owners stand out in a crowded market place” makes people want to learn more about you because the focus is on them, not your sales pitch.
  • Not being present – being distracted and not focused on the task at hand.
    • If you are checking your email, shopping online, or scrolling through social media – you should not be involved in a virtual networking meeting.  Serious business people won’t invite you back to another meeting or take you as a business professional if you’re checked out and not committed.
  • Clutter in your field of view
    • Many people are working from home right now.  More importantly you’re inviting people into a view of your “work space”.  Regardless of how limited or temporary your space may be – you owe it to yourself to remove distractions from your background so that people can focus on you and your message.  Throw up a sheet or clear out your space.
  • Inappropriate activities
    • We’ve all seen the memes with the “airport rules” floating around.  This behavior unless otherwise specifically mentioned as the theme of the meeting – should be refrained from.  This includes clothing and alcohol consumption.  See the notes above about serious business professionals.

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