For you “I’m so busy!” Types…BLE Day 5: 236.5 lbs

For you “I’m so busy” types… this one is for you.

Overnight oats:

8 oz milk (your choice, I used 2%)

1 oz oats

3 oz blueberries

3 oz banana

Throw it in a 16oz mason jar (perfect fit) stir it up and put it in the fridge the night before. 2 minutes of effort. If you don’t like super cold, let it come up in temp for 10/15 minutes.

Head’s up, this isn’t a cooking blog. It’s a life and business blog. So it’s going to have some tips/tricks I’ve learned from everywhere. Since I’m starting this new thing and it seems to be literally changing my life; you get to hear about it too.

Why would a self proclaimed foodie go on a diet?

Well, it doesn’t feel like any diet or program I’ve ever been on. I’m literally eating some of the tastiest meals I’ve had in my kitchen. I’m not thinking about food. Literally not the food I’m eating, when I’m going to eat again, or what I’m not eating. Not like I was before all this. Which was constantly, all the time. And, I appear to be aggressively losing weight, 4.5 lbs in 5 days.

I’ve spent the last 10 months of my life in a state of anxiety and worry about everything; food, my career, my financial obligations, my health, my house, my relationships, you name it. I picked up meditating as a way to combat all of that; thinking if I could just quiet my mind, things would be better.

I’ve found more peace in the last 5 days than I have in 10 months. Is that because I’ve won the lottery and signed 10 new clients? No. Am I meditating more? No. The only thing that’s changed in the last 5 days is BLE.

It provides structure. I don’t have to plan and execute in the same time frame. This removes hassle and anxiety. I don’t wonder what’s for the next meal, I just have to go make it, because I’ve already decided what I’m eating. The decisions have been made.

It provides freedom. I’ve gotten more done in this last week than any other week I’ve had. Because I’m not constantly hungry or looking to accommodate a craving. I’ve had so much more time and been so much more productive with it.

It provides clarity. The idea of weighing food and meal preparation sounded time consuming and exhausting when I was starting this. The benefits of those things have removed brain fog and confusion for me.

I’ve found genuine interest in food prep and recipes because I don’t feel exhausted or in a brain fog. I’m not afraid of being creative or not having time to get things done. I’ve only had the same meal twice (because I freaking loved it), once. My kitchen has been clean for 5 days.

Who’s too busy to want to get more of that?

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