Declaring War on Breakfast BLE Day 4: 236.9 lbs

I’ve personally prepared every meal I’ve eaten for the past 10 meals.

  • Without using a box or something frozen.
  • Without the exhaustion of feeling hassled or overwhelmed about cooking.
  • Have cleaned up after myself every time.
  • I’ve loved every single thing I’ve eaten.

I can tell you for fact, that I’ve never in my life done any of these things before.

Unless I was on vacation, when someone else made the meals, I’ve never made an effort to be diverse in my eating. I felt like it was wasteful and too much work.

In the past 3 days I’ve prepared joyfully, and of my own volition:

  1. Banana and nut butter oatmeal
  2. Apple and nut butter cinnamon oatmeal
  3. Pumpkin spice bread
  4. Peaches and cinnamon oatmeal (cast iron baby!)
  1. Taco salad with guac and salsa
  2. Shrimp salad with chili olive oil
  3. Hummus with garlic oil and celery/yellow bell pepper
  4. Taco meat with air fryer squash coated with rosemary salt, basil oil oil and cheese
  5. Salmon and salad with garlic olive oil
  6. Taco meat and steamed veggies and cheese

Leading me to believe everything in my life is a lie. Lol.

Be brave enough to try new things, you never know where they’re going to lead you.

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