Bright Line Eating Day 3: 237.8 lbs

A year ago, I took this photo and thought: “You have a legit gut at 35. This is no good.”

Today, on day 3, I woke up feeling like a thin person wrapped in a fat suit. My wrists and fingers felt thin. My ankles and feet felt thin. I could imagine a fit, comfortable human smothered in this fat I’m carrying around. I don’t feel inflamed and I can’t remember a time when I haven’t. My knees and hips don’t hurt. I didn’t wake up groggy at 5:45am. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have trouble going back to sleep when I got up in the middle of the night either.

And if this is what this is…..fam, I’m all the way in.

No, I won’t be posting every day about all this.  But I will post when it feels important.  Feeling like a thin person trapped in a fat suit – felt massively important.  I’ve never identified that way before.

Things learned from yesterday:

  • I can personally polish off a Costco sized bag of power-greens in 3 meals. (Holy smokes, Batman.  That’s a TON of veggies.)
  • Steamed veggies are going to be what saves us.  Nobody can live on salad alone.  #instantpotftw
  • This is suppose to be a business blog helping others get all bizsavvy but my most popular post ever?  The BLE 241.0 post.  What’s that all about?!
  • We like oatmeal without sugar way better than we ever liked it with it.  I can thank my Granny for that one. (She was a sweet-n-low OG.)

*Bonus: Bought a shirt yesterday and the sleeves are super tight.  While this would have made me uncomfortable and I would have chosen not to wear this shirt, only a week ago; I know it’s going to be too big here soon, so it’s literally doesn’t bother me that it’s snug right now.

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