Bright Line Eating Day 1: 241.4 lbs

For the record, I knew this was going to be a weird day. It was weird yesterday, prepping for today.

Today’s breakfast, at my dining room table, involved 2 oz of nut butter, 1 oz of dry oatmeal before water added, and 6 oz of apple; flavored with cinnamon and salt. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be but certainly different than how I’ve handled breakfast in the past. I didn’t hate it, and I appreciated it for what it was. Fuel and a message. We’re about to start making withdrawals from this huge savings account I’ve built up.

My body hurts from my sugar/flour binge this weekend. I’ve got stiff joints and my neck feels like I slept on it wrong. I know it’s from the obscene amount of sugar I consumed in the last two days, saying goodbye to an old way of life. I wanted to remember how horrible I feel this morning. Someone called it a sugar hangover – I believe it. It certainly feels like one.

I meditated on anxiety this morning, since it’s already made it’s appearance today. Good news – It’ll be a nice chance of pace to have anxiety talk to me about health and wellness over talking to me about my finances and career.

The internal dialog I’ve had today already:

  • How we’re not entirely sure we like red delicious apples
  • This nut butter would be better with some modifications
  • This oatmeal would be improved with some butter
  • How we aren’t sure we’re going to make it to lunch with a meal like this.
  • There’s a group of people out there who eat this way as a way of life and we’re attempting to be one of them.
  • The dogs will never get table scraps from me again.
  • What if this makes my engagement ring not fit?
  • We’re not giving up coffee. It’s a step too far.

What’s all this about you ask?

There’s a book out there called Bright Line Eating and it’s for people who are highly susceptible to addiction. Which is the challenge many people face with diets and lifestyle changes. If you’re like me and you’ve been on the weight loss rollercoaster, it’s worth a look.

The rules are simple:

  • No flour – in any form – if it’s in the first 3 ingredients of anything – we don’t eat it.
  • No sugar – in any form – if it’s in the first 3 ingredients of anything – we don’t eat it.
  • 3 meals a day, no snacking – sitting down to eat at a table.
  • Measure your portions with a digital scale, nothing goes into your mouth that you didn’t weigh and plan for.

These are the bright lines I’m going to live in. There are no bites, licks, tastes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cruise, a wedding, Thanksgiving, or a promotion. Period. 4.0 is 4.0 and not 3.9 or 4.1.

This kind of structure appeals to me. These rules make sense to me.

Who would I be if I wasn’t controlled by addiction to flour and sugar? If my meals weren’t determined by the whims of a 5 year old who only wants Mac and cheese, ice cream and garlic bread smothered in butter? More importantly, who would I be if I could imagine a night out with friends and not feel inspired to order a bourbon with pretzel bites and beer cheese appetizer and a pasta something or other entree? Who didn’t have 1 drink that turned into 3?

Someone who sleeps better, maybe. Someone who wears bathing suits better, probably. Someone who’s about to save a huge chunk of money, though….

My name is Stella Fox and I have a food addiction. Today is my day 1.

From a coaching perspective:

There’s never a good time to get started if you truly don’t want to. I could have easily looked at the pantry of all the things I eat and drink that Clay doesn’t and said “I can start this new thing once I eat/drink all this other stuff. I don’t want to waste the money.” Instead, I’ve packed it all in a box and am intending to give it to friends. When you don’t want to, you’ll find any excuse, even if it isn’t rational.

Now is always a good time to get started if you truly do want to. On anything you are looking to start, weight loss, a business, whatever. If you’d like – start here: The good news is? You can start from anywhere.

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