A Work in Progress: Anais Nin and Geese

Writing Prompt: My writing coach wants me to write about the things that hurt to help me get past this writing block I’ve got to write this book on failure.  Then I see this quote:

The role of the writer is not to say what we all can say,

but what we are unable to say.  – Anais Nin

Yesterday, I watched a pair of geese try to save their baby from being run over by cars and see their panic and distress for the situation they were powerless to stop. A whole day later and I’m still wrecked over it.

I could have gone my whole life never seeing that.

Sometimes, that’s the way I feel about some business owners I know.  3 years ago, I ran into a business owner who made craft beer and it was some of the very best I’d ever had.  After learning more about his business, I asked him if he had a coach to help him navigate all these new challenges he faced scaling his business.  Of course, he thought I was selling him my services, so instead I said “Don’t go out of business in the next 5 years, you make really great beer.”

I just saw that he’s closing shop and today’s his last day in business.  That breaks my heart too.

Attrition happens in my industry.  Circumstances outside of my/my client’s control change all the time and adjustments have to be made.  Many times, I make the cut.  I completely understand and have no ill will.  If I do a good job, they come back.  If it wasn’t a good fit, it’s a perfect out without causing damage to the relationship.

If you ever feel like you’re not doing this whole business thing right, it’s worth a conversation just to check.  You have more control and ability than you think you do.  I’d be thrilled to point it out to you.







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