Consider: Sand Castles and Empires

“What are the things you hate doing? Give those to your VA.” This is the advice most often given to new business owners looking to grow and delegate.


What are your weaknesses?

What could you be doing a better/more consistent job at?

The function of your VA is not to insulate you from the tasks you hate but to make you better at the things that need to be done that aren’t being done (well).

Top talent that is bright and has a desire to make an impact won’t stay with a small minded business owner focused on not doing the things they don’t like doing in favor of the things they do.

There are always tasks at every function that are less desirable than others. The sign of a leader building a sustainable company that will last a lifetime boils down to delegating tasks for different roles suited to sustain the company, not a person. Personal ego needs to be considered and potentially removed from the conversation as a building block for meaningful and sustainable growth of the company.

Otherwise you’re hiring a warm body with a shovel to move sand around and not an architect for an empire.

What do you think?

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