Lightly Toasted Bridges…

Let me give you a scenario:

You’ve called 35 people today about your upcoming party/event and it’s a great opportunity and they should all just be there, right?  Absolutely.  But it’d be also be super awesome if they could bring/provide/give x/y/z, you know, to help out…..You know, it’s takes a village…

Suddenly – you’ve got nobody signed up for your event/party and now people aren’t returning your phone calls.  When you run into these people – you’ve been given vague answers about the lack of engagement….

  • Sorry, so busy.
  • Sorry, out of town.
  • Sorry, the family’s in town
  • Sorry, the budget doesn’t have it.
  • Sorry, the committee said no.
  • Sorry, committed elsewhere

Pick your favorite – doesn’t matter – the real answer is – you’ve cooked a bridge for dinner.

For the record – If you want to throw a party/start a business/build a boat – YOU throw the party/start the business/build the boat.  Not your friends/family (and their money) on your behalf.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of scenario – I urge you to stop giving “polite” excuses to the “bridge toasting” party.  Actually, I encourage you to say “It’s not a priority at this time”.   Just because they’ve toasted their bridges, doesn’t mean you’ve got to lightly toast yours.

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