Suck most, first.

Life secret #2,017,824… He who is most successful, sucked most first.

What does that mean? It means that NOBODY started out as a professional. No one. Babies learn to crawl. Kids learn to drive. That first load of laundry. That first meal from scratch. Your first relationship.  Whew, that first breakup… That first boss.  That first public presentation. (I burst into tears on stage, in front of 200 people during my very first real life solo in 7th grade during dress rehearsal for a competition.) Let’s be real folks, some skills come the hard way.

So if we get the majority of our excellence from failure (sucking REAL bad in the beginning of anything), why do we get a hang up about sucking on the road to excellence?   People who struggle to accept failure and “the suck” in the beginning of everything, never accomplish anything.

  • It’s why we fail ourselves about lifestyle choices.
  • It’s why we fail ourselves about starting new ventures.
  • It’s why we fail ourselves about staying in situations/relationships with unhealthy people.

Darren Hardy references Momentum or “Big Mo” as he calls it – about how the compound effect is working for you or against you, always.  He made an enlightened point about how habits good or bad, build momentum in your life that OF COURSE, may take a few times to overcome due to how strong the momentum is.  If you’ve built some bad habits up over 10/15 years, that’s unlikely to change on your first attempt to change it.  That’s why you’ve got to keep trying to change it.  It’s the effort to continue that matter.  The commitment to sucking most first, so you can suck less later.

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